Caring for seniors is a highly specialised activity and we customise solutions foreach elderly person based upon their needs, health, family situation, culture, etc, … Nutrition assessment, checking expirations …more

The risk of falling is currently one of the most common threats to the health of seniors all over the World. A momentary lapse of balance can lead to an immediate decrease in the quality of life for seniorsmore

First Seniors Seniorcare Speclialists are the face of our company. Professionally trained and well educated, a strong passion for caring for others is a binding quality in all the caregivers recruited by usmore

About First Seniors

First Seniors is the first exclusive provider of non-medical professional health care in India in the comfort of your home.

We specially aim to forge strong relationships with your aging elders and help them improve their quality of life. We assist them to be more independent and live life with greater dignity.

Home Healthcare

Care delivered at home greatly reduces the necessity for avoidable medical care in a hospital or a nursing home. Seniorcare, Pain Management, Specialised Care, Fall Risk care, Alzheimer’s care, Diet Monitoring, Medicine Management, Mental Stimulation, Local Mobility; all of these help improve the general quality of life of your loved ones and gives them more independence to carry out normal activities of daily living.

Professional Care

Our In-Home Healthcare solutions are delivered by well educated and professionally trained Specialists at your home for your mother, father, husband, wife or grand-parents or a relative with great compassion and respect. First Seniors is a member of the United Kingdom Home Care Association and its caregivers are trained by acclaimed International trainers.

The diligent management team brings with it a wide variety of personal, professional and international experience of this global industry.